Who needs coaching?

Several people approach me for challenges facing their life. I am sharing here some common cases with you here. If you also feel, you face one or more such issues, please don’t hesitate to write to me.


  • Any person who wishes to improve the quality of life and live with a clear mind
  • Corporate executive having problems unable to make progress in the company, without understanding what is going on that sabotages his chances
  • Wife & husband are not able to have smooth relations with each other
  • Marriage on the verge of breakdown / want to revive a marriage
  • Problems in handling indiscipline in children
  • A feeling of being in the rat race
  • A feeling of depression once a week or more frequently
  • Depression due to failure in achievement of goals
  • A child hates to study & hates to go to school; is under stress all the time
  • Anyone who is conscious that he / she has stress, disorientation, confusion about priorities in life or does continuous sabotage life of goals
  • Anyone who seriously wants to explore the origins of unhappiness / distress / restlessness