Happy Stories

For confidentiality reasons, the names of the persons coached cannot be revealed.



A very senior executive, aged about 40 years, working in a multinational corporation reached out to me two years ago. He was doing well and had advanced in his career very fast. He was planning to start his own business, in association with two other successful executives. When he approached me, he was excited but tensed about his decision to start his own venture because he was overweight, frequently had heart palpitations and showed symptoms of stress. I helped him to reflect on his mental state, understand why he was tensed and begin be clear in mind and be stress free.

His feedback after coaching: “My distress miraculously vanished. I had great clarity on how I needed to proceed towards my goals. I discovered the right steps with your help. Thank you coach!”



She was about 35 years old, a well settled home maker, mother of two school going children. She was desperate for help when she approached me, as there were frequent arguments between her husband and her. The continuous tension in the house was also creating a negative upbringing environment for the children. Lately her husband had begun to avoid her company and started coming home late. As a coach, I listened to her patiently and helped her reflect on her approach to married life. By the end of the third meeting, her issues were largely resolved.

Her feedback after three coaching sessions: “My husband and I quarreled often with each other. It was exhausting and bad for our home. Thank you uncle for helping me clear my mind on my relationship with my husband. My family life has improved dramatically.”



He was about 45 years old with a protruding belly. He was a family man but his face showed continuous long-term sadness. It took two meetings to just bring back focus on his problems. By the third meeting, he understood the issues of his life and by the fourth meeting, he was clear about what he had to do bring happiness back to his family life.

He commented after the coaching was completed: ”My spouse disrespected me and insulted me all the time. Thank you coach for making me understand my relationship with her and our children. I am much happier now about my family life.”



She was a working professional, about 32 years old and a senior manager in a large, fast growing company. She was very ambitious and was in no hurry to get married. She aspired to reach the top in her career. She constantly felt that other executives in the company were conspiring against her. She was concerned about confidentiality in seeking help from a coach. I patiently listened to her and helped her to understand her role in the organization. This helped her chart a clear growth path.

She commented after successful coaching: “There always appeared wheels within wheels in my company. Thank you coach for straightening out my professional success factors and the impediments.”