Coaching Relationship

The coaching process is a journey of guided, one-to-one & confidential self-reflection by the client, to understand his / her causes and processes of peace, happiness and unhappiness. This exploration is strictly confidential and unique to each person. It is aimed at increasing moments of happiness or preventing future moments of disorientation & unhappiness. We have to listen to our hearts, the lungs, the stomach and the gut feelings. The empathic and unconditional listening begins to unravel the tangled web of life. The unraveling of this tangle sets the scene, the pace for coaching frequency and timings. Each exploration is unique and evolves differently.

Basically to start with, you should take a complimentary session. If it suits you you can take more sessions for other areas of your life or work. An agreement is signed before the coaching starts.

For longer term relationship, you can take four coaching sessions of about 50 minutes each, within 30 days. The first meeting has to be essentially in person. The immediate problem you face will most likely to be sorted out, in first two to three sessions. The fourth meeting is to set up procedures for preventing the recurrence of similar problems. There is no fee for coaching. Only voluntary donations are accepted for furthering this human welfare mission of setting up zen workshops and centres.

If you further need help for a longer term, the relationship can be extended.

For long term coaching relationships, it may require detailed and in-depth exploration and reflection for which fee may be charged. Your physical presence may be required for every alternate session or even each session, as the need be.

For further enquiry please sms +919839069333 and we shall get back to you. You can also email at  We take time to respond.