Mental conditioning is a poison. This poison must be removed to make the mind more intelligent, and become capable of freedom from distress.

When attention identifies with the subjective self – with the what  “should be” – unhappiness / distress is caused.

Rakesh Kapoor                        Know Thyself Guru

Initiation to Mindfulness

Initiation requires a one week workshop of 2 to 3 hours per day. Thereafter the learners have the responsibility of practising mindfulness correctly and other activities. Currently initiation is available at Lucknow  only. Please sign up for getting the invitation to initiation activities.

Attend Workshop

Key descriptions of transformative process are given, for individual reflection and group discussion. Reflective practice on these descriptions-Koans, is essential as a support, to stabilize transformation. Most of these Koans-descriptions are also available in the teacher’s workbook, for daily-fornightly practice.

Life Coaching

Confidential listening to the learner’s disorientation or severe life challenges, and help him / her to work out likely solutions. This also speeds up the transformation of the leaner. It is one of the traditional duties of a Zen Master. For this the learner has to take prior appointment directly through




  • ‘Yogasutra or Total Presence of Mind’ (Rupa, 2005) (Dharma Megha Zen, 2017, Second Edition; first edition was by Rupa & Co., 2005))
  • ‘Tao Te Ching, The Way of Leadership & Decision Making’ (Dharma Megha Zen, 2015)
  • ‘Power of Knowing Thyself – Awakening Higher Intelligecne through Mindfulness / Meditation (Dharma Megha Zen, 2016)